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130 years of Czech Tourist Club


Category: Front News, Members News

Already 130 years ago, one of the oldest and largest clubs in Czech Republic, the Czech Tourists Club (KČT), was established. It happened on 11th June 1888. From the beginning the club was very active. The network of tourist hostels grew rapidly, a dense network of waymarked paths emerged and a number of leading personalities of the country were honored to become its members.
Today, KČT brings together almost 35,000 walkers throughout the Czech Republic. It organizes more than a thousand events for those interested in all types of tourism - walking, cycling, skiing and canoeing, moto-tourism, speleotourism, alpinisme and, most recently, hippotourism.
Celebrations of KČT took place last weekend on 9-11 June 2018 in Prague.

Photos: Klub českých turistů, Kancelář Senátu


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