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24/4 2016 E1 in Sicily


Category: Front News, Walking News

Official opening of E1 in Sicily, Italy

Offizielle Eröffnung von E1 in Sizilien, Italien

Ouverture officielle de l'itinéraire E1 en Sicile, Italie










The first leg of the Sicilian part of E1 opened on the Piano dei Grilli, Etna West which is a place of great natural beauty.

A short and intense ceremony were organized by the Regional Committee Sicily of the FIE. A large and colorful group of walkers and mountain-bikers participated in the ceremony and enjoyed the scenic landscape where the official opening of the first leg of the E1 in Sicily took place.

The FIE, which this year celebrates its 70th anniversary, was represented at the highest level. The national President, Mimmo Pandolfo (and ERA-vicepresident) welcomed the arrival of the European long distant path E1 in Sicily. “The E-Paths unites peoples and Nations of the continent through the passion for walking and the love for nature" and he showed appreciation for the Sicily Regional Committee ".. that in Sicily has invested and invests time and human resources to achieve this great goal. " Pandolfo, walker and connoisseur of the paths that across Europe, stressed the great beauty of the natural scenery of Etna area, urging a strong joint effort of local associations and institutions to promote walking, a as useful resource for the enhancement and promotion of tourism in the territory.

Antonio Mirulla, President of the FIE Regional Committee thanked all the volunteers of the Sicilian associations belonging to the Committee that, with great commitment and passion, have made the birth of this section possible. The path is already marked for about 120 km. Mirulla said "We have worked hard to realise this important project, which represents a fundamental point of reference in Sicily for many walkers and mountain-bikers that come here leaded by passion for nature, culture and sport. The E1 will be an attraction for visitors and tourists".

The FIE Regional Committee  was also represented by the Treasurer Bianca Arcuri, who said she was particularly fascinated by the landscape of Etna and this new section of E-1.











The President of the Etna Park, Marisa Mazzaglia, inauguration godmother, in announcing the E1: "It’s a fertile period for the Park and the use of the protected area by visitors continues with the birth of this beautiful path, in a location of great value nature and landscape. The E1, with its origin and its history, is a symbol of friendship and brotherhood between Nations, peoples and cultures of our continent, united by a common love for walking and nature. We are really pleased that this message starts right in Sicily from Etna and the Park. "

After the inauguration, Marco Prestipino - valuable collaborator of President Mirulla in the implementation phase and marking of the path and in all organizational aspects - has leaded a walk on the E-path (11 km) and a lot of mountain-bikers biked on the E1 (19 km). At the ceremony attended men, women and children of several associations related to the FIE Regional Committee, but also members of Bronte CAI (Angelo Spitaleri and other) and other associations from all over Sicily participated.

The first leg of the Sicilian part of the E1-path starts from the Nebrodi Ridge, at the megaliths dell'Argimusco (1.200 mt above sea level), a place rich in naturalistic history site. From here, through the Malabotta Forest, it comes in Alcantara Valley and enters on the Etna Park, from the Linguaglossa side. Through mountain paths, Etna reaches the southern slope of the volcano, ending in Nicolosi, after over 120 km. Connected with the main path, exists a secondary path (over 30 km) that allow to reach the volcanic cones of Etna west, SPA (Special Protection Area) and SCI (Site of Community Interest) of the Piano delle Ginestre.
In 2016, with the completion of the two sectors, Peloritani Mountains and Iblei Mountains, the E1 in Sicily will be over 260 km in length, an extraordinary mix of culture and nature.











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