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Cambrian Way (GB)


Category: Walking News, Front News

the Way less travelled / der wenigere gewanderte Weg / le chemin moins fréquenté

For the long distance walker there are three options for trekking from the South to the North Coast of Wales. Between two coastal paths lies a lesser known but greater challenge, the Cambrian Way which links Wales’ Capital City Cardiff, with the former Norman stronghold of Conwy. This inspirational walk was the creation of Tony Drake who walked virtually every ridge and climbed every high peak in Wales to create this challenging route.

The Welsh part of the UK organisation the 'Ramblers' hoped to attract a membership of keen walkers and lovers of the countryside and it is planned that all Ramblers members in Wales will help in the maintenance of the route.  

A new revised edition of the Guidebook “Cambrian Way The Mountain Connoisseurs Walk” has been published and the Website has been updated with details of the route, images of the countryside, places of interest and recent details of any route changes. The guidebook covers maps and accommodation possibilities.

This is an adventurous walk and fit to be included in the Wales Year of Adventure 2016.


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