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E1 to North Cape


Category: Front News, Walking News

E1 through Norway to the North Cape officially opened 4 June 2013.

E-1 is the longest summer route  which is completed marked all the way from Sicily and up to Finnmark in Norway. The Long-distance route is a total of 8000 km long and passes through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. 


The route through Norway is 2105 kilometers and is marked with more than 60 00 marks. In the mountains there are used stone with the classic red T. In the forest the T are written on the trees. Part of the route is only described on a map.

According to the legend the first foreign tourists arrived to the North Cape already in 1664. This was a priest who came from ... yes, just Italy. He wanted to go so far north in the world he could come. When he reached the North Cape, he stated that "I am standing at the end of the world and my curiosity is covered!"
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