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E7 - place for the EURORANDO event


Category: Walking News, Front News

E7 - lieu pour la manifestation de l'EURORANDO

E7 - Platz für die EURORANDO-Veranstaltung

The ERA president participated in an EURORANDO walk the 28/5 at the Canarian Island, El Hierro. It was part of the Walking Festival “3 Encuentro de Senderismo Isla de El Hierro”. More than 100 participants walked on the E7 (GR131) to the point where it ends at Embarcadero de Orchilla.

The same day walkers in Slovenia also had an EURORANDO walk on E7  - in the other end of Europe. In Slovenia, in total over 500 participants have walked a whole EURORANDO Week on E7.

Thanks to the phone connection the walkers on both sides of E7 knew they make part of the Europe-wide walking event - the EURORANDO 2016.

El Hierro:


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