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Walking news

The centre point of the European Union (13.05.14)

The centre of the European Union is in Westerngrund, 35 km to the east of Frankfurt am Main. Since 1st July 2013 the village can be called as a “centre of the EU”. After the French island Mayotte...[more]

Moselsteig (16.04.14)

On 12th April 2014 the new trail Moselsteig was certified by ERA as „Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe“. Moselsteig extends from the border between France and Luxembourg to Koblenz and after...[more]

European walking festival 2015 - Tenerife no limits (16.04.14)

FEDME, Federación Canaria de Montañismo and European Ramblers Association invite everybody to take part in the Tenerife Walking Festival 2015, an open meeting for EU federated walkers that is going...[more]

Mullerthal Trail Season Opening  (16.04.14)

Mullerthal Trail: Startschuss in die neue Wandersaison

Mit dem Mullerthal Trail Season Opening am Samstag, den 3. und am Sonntag, den 4. Mai 2014 in Berdorf fällt in diesem Jahr der Startschuss für...[more]

Veldenz Wanderweg (01.04.14)

Veldenz Wanderweg: Leading Quality Trail - Best of Europe

Armand Ducornet certified on 30th April 2014 the Veldenz Trail as Leading Quality Trail. The Lichtenberg Castle, ancestral seat of the...[more]

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