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2017 (27.12.16)

We wish you a happy New Year 2017 and many walking experiences.

Wir wünschen Ihnen ein frohes neues Jahr 2017 und viele Wandererfahrungen.

Nous vous souhaitons une bonne année nouvelle 2017 et...[mehr]

ERA Conference (07.11.16)

Minute of the General Meeting

The ERA conference was held from 8 -10  Sept. 2016 in Hässleholm, Sweden. 62 delegates participated in 6 Know-How sessions, walked in the Hovdala area and took...[mehr]

Romania 2017 (27.10.16)

The Annual ERA Conference in 2017 (28/9 - 1/10) will take place in Romania, in the city of Brașov.

On this occasion we wish to present to you a part of Europe which is less known, and for this...[mehr]

FFRandonnée (14.10.16)

La FFRandonnée a connu sur la saison 2015-2016 une progression de 2,4% de ses licenciés (+ 5 471 pour un total de 230 012 licenciés) pour 3 491 clubs. L’augmentation moyenne du nombre de...[mehr]

Kullaleden (27.09.16)

One of the most usedl trails at Eurorando 201 was Kullaleden - one of the certified “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe”.

Many have walked the trail since the certification and enjoyed the...[mehr]