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Neues, Vereine

2020 (28.12.19)

The president and the whole presidium wish you a happy and prosperous New Year 2020 with many safe kilometres walking on European Long Distance Paths and on national, regional and local...[mehr]

New partner: EUMA (28.12.19)

The president of European Union of Mountaineering Associations (EUMA), Mr. Roland Stierle and the president of European Ramblers Association (ERA), Mr. Boris Micic, on 17 October 2019 signed...[mehr]

Bulgarski Turisticheski Soyuz (28.12.19)

Award for achievements in mountaineering[mehr]

New presidium (29.11.19)

Neues Präsidium

Nouveau présidium[mehr]

ERA commemorative book (29.11.19)


Livre commémoratif de la FERP[mehr]

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