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Walking in General



  • Walk for an hour at moderate speed!
  • Wear sturdy outdoor shoes and avoid tarmacked roads (excessive strain on your joints).
  • The lengths of the walk should be about 3.5 - 4 km.
  • Double time and distance to increase fitness.
  • When you feel confident that you can do more easily, you can increase time and distance again.
  • Have a rest after about 2 hours.


  • Walking shoes/boots – with a firm sole and good ankle support!
  • Clothing – be practical rather than fashionable! Choose clothing that corresponds to the weather.
  • Backpack – carefully chosen and properly fitted!
  • Sun screen, raingear, 1st aid kit, fluids and snacks – should always be in your backpack!

Pre-walk planning

Every walk needs some preparation. An enjoyable walk starts with good planning. The rule is: The further you walk, the less you know the area and the longer you plan to stay out, the more thorough your planning has to be.

  • Set a goal! Walking is more than just walking off aimlessly!
  • Devise a plan, to reach the goal!
  • Know your fitness level and pace!
  • Study the map! It holds important information: Ascend, terrain, view points, resting places. A map guide or route description is invaluable.
  • Prepare a checklist! What do you have to know and bring on the outing?
  • Check the weather forecast!

Test your walking knowledge


Would you like to know more about walking?

Under „Walking knowledge“ you will find further information about walking.




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