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Associace TOM (Association of youth tourist clubs in the Czech Republic)
TOM is an association of children and youth, orientated on tourism and camping and acting throughout the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1991 and is connected with KČT (Klub českých turistů, Czech tourist club). The association has more than 9.000 young members who meet in clubs, travel not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad, organise camps, climb mountains, do the rafting and organise events for general public. The association publishes methodical materials and four-times a year the magazine Tomík. Besides, it owns 15 huts which are being used for activities of the association´s members.
The Association TOM supports the ideas of civil society and patriotism, the active citizenship and the respect for democratic traditions of the Czech Republic. It recognizes the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The Association cooperates with other Czech and foreign youth organisations.

Deutsche Wanderjugend, DWJ (German Youth Walking Organisation)
The German Youth Walking Organisation is a nonprofit and on outdoor orientated youth organisation of Deutscher Wanderverband.
In this organisation there are organised about 100.000 children and youth (until the age of 27). The spectrum of the activities is diverse and covers weekly group meetings, free time and international youth meetings. A particular focus is on the area „Youth Walking“.
DWJ supports children, youth and group leaders of DWJ in different ways; ideas and news are published on the homepage, in the regular magazine „WALK & more“, in books like Outdoor-Kids Practical Guide or in a newsletter. Except for this, DWJ offers training and seminars for group leaders and holiday and free time special offers for children and youth.
Focus areas of the work of DWJ: the protection of nature and environment; participation in education and personal development of social, ecological and democratic competence and in growing up into social and socio-political responsibility; musical and cultural work; activities against xenophobia, violence and hatred; contribution through international meetings to international understanding and peacekeeping.

Children's Trekking Club (Norway)
In 1999, Den Norske Turistforening (Norwegian Trekking Association, DNT) founded the Children's Trekking Club to draw children to outdoor activities early in life. Today the Club has got more than 35,000 members who are 12 years old and younger. Almost all DNT member associations have Children's Trekking Club activities that vary from day hikes, overnight hikes, ice fishing, climbing, moonlight tours, ghost tours, grandparents' tours, coast camps to family base camps and much more. DNT suggests that children learn the joy of the outdoors together with adults. The member associations also arrange trips for older children without their adult family members.
Children who join the Children's Trekking Club have their own membership cards and informations from the local associations on tours and activities are regularly sent to them.
DNT Youth
DNT Youth with more than 40,000 members is the country's largest organization of its sort. DNT Youth is for people 13 - 26 years old. There are two member categories, school age (13-18) and youth/student (19-26). Common for both categories are low membership prices and half-price lodgings at cabins. DNT arranges many absorbing activities for youth. Several times a year, Base Camp is held and includes activities such as mountain climbing, rafting and glacier hiking.
DNT Children´s Trekking Club, DNT Youth

Mladinska komisija pri Planinska Zveza Slovenije
Youth Commission Alpine Association of Slovenia)
The commission was founded in 1956 as a part of the Planinska Zveza Slovenije (PZS). Today it has its seat together with its mother organisation. It has about 17.000 members, who are active in mountain groups. Among the big hobbies belongs the collection of labels and blogs. The youth produces its own magazine „Alpine Vestnik“. The commisssion organises seminars for mentors of mountain groups, for youth leaders or for active members of the MO. It leads mountain camps, competitions for youth or schooling for MO’s heads. They associate with various international mountaineering organisations, both on formal and on informal level. PZS was included in the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA). The Youth Commission has been actively involved in the exchange of experience at the international level in the frame of the UIAA too.

TOM, Klub slovenských turistov (Youth clubs of KST, Slovakia)
About one third of members of KST are children and youth. In total, there are about 60 tourist youth clubs (TOM) organising trips, contests in tourist abilities, camps and other clubs´ activities. Highlights of these activities are summer and winter Slovak meetings of KST youth clubs.

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