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ERASMUS+ Project

Improvement of good governance of climbing and mountaineering in Europe

The presidium established an agreement with its partner the European Union of Mountainnering Associations (EUMA) and became a partner in the ERASMUS+ project “Improvement of good governance of climbing and mountaineering in Europe”, together with the Czech Mountaineering Association (Český horolezecký svaz), Deutscher  Alpenverein, Österreichischer Alpenverein, Planinska Zveza Slovenije (ERA member), Macedonian Mountain Sport Federation (ERA member) and the Charles University of Prague. The main project objective is to set up and implement principles of good governance in hiking, mountaineering and climbing sports at the European level. There are 3 key issues (mountain huts, mountain trails and rock climbing areas) identified as a fundamental framework for climbing and mountaineering infrastructure in Europe. The project has three consequent phases: initial, strategy and implementation phase.
The project lasts for 3 years and ERA is represented by its experts in each key issue.

The project will create mechanisms for implementing good governance principles not only within the EUMA itself, but also through the transfer of good governance principles to its members. Within the main goal, the project will focus mainly on following good governance principles, which will be implemented:

  • clear definition of objectives and strategic plan for EUMA
  • definition of stakeholders, their roles and ways for their involvement
  • setting up of communiction, decision making and implementation strucktures of the EUMA strategic plan
  • setting up European ethic codes, recommendation’s, examples of good practise and standards for selected issues

Implementation of selected good governance principles will be reached through following partial objectives:

  • analyze state of the art for the 3 pre-defined issue with reflection to selected good governance principles (stakeholder, communication etc.)
  • based on the analysis define the stragegical concept, structure and mechanisms how EUMA should work in cooperation with its members
  • implement initial and multiplication activities which start the EUMA Strategic concept

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