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2 - Nyheder
3 - Oversigt
4 - Søg


The aims of the ERA events are to encourage closer cooperation among European walkers´ clubs and to support regular cross-border meetings as well.

EURORANDO 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016

The idea of establishing a European-wide movement – called EURORANDO – as a traditional European walking event (repeated every five years, each time in a different country, each time with a new motto) started after the second EURORANDO event in 2006.

The events promote the mutual objectives of the European walkers´ clubs, which are

  • understanding and protection of the countryside
  • learning history and protection of historical traditions and structures
  • mutual understanding of people from various parts of Europe

European Walking Day

Since 2004, regular cross-border meetings are held every Fall on „European Walking Day", and under the motto „Walking with neighbours", walks throughout Europe are held. Some of the walks have become very popular, are recognised by local authorities and are already a local tradition.


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