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Eurorando walks

The concept was very open and the only conditions for the Member organisations (MOs) and their clubs were to arrange walks under the name of EURORANDO 2016. The theme for the walks was “Energy” of any sort (good, bad, old, new, using energy, save energy etc).

The first info-leaflets were presented in September 2012 and followed with many presentations at local meetings, articles in magazines, Newsletters etc.

All MOs were asked to send a list of walks, to the ERA secretariat and after the event the numbers of participants were requested.

ERA used this information on its webpage to display a calendar with information about when, where and by what organisation’s walks took place. The calendar was kept updated during the period June 2015 to February 2017.

After the leaders had led their walk they were encouraged to send a short report to ERA – also to be presented on the homepage.

 The ERA presidium was present at several events and some organisations choose to invite politicians and partners to participate in their events.

The first official walk of the EURORANDO 2016 event was held the 27 September 2015 on the Czech, Slovak and Polish border but walks took place from March 2015 to December 2016.


Eurorando Walks – the best of…

17 countries - 85 reports
910 walks – over 61,000 walkers


Most walks in Europe

KČT (CZ), 328 walks

Most Westerly walk

CAAL – Azores,P

Most Southerly walk

FEDME – Canary Islands, E

Most Easterly walk

PSS (RS) and BTS (BG) on the Serbian-Bulgarian border

Most Northerly walk


Most reports

Andalusia (E), 21 reports. PZS (SLO), 20 reports

Best information about walks

all Spanish organisations

Most walkers in Europe

KČT (CZ), 31.027 participants

High activity

* RA of Malta organised 41 walks for almost 2.000 people

* Wanderverband Norddeutschland – Wanderfreunde Hamburg (D), 125 walks and 2,746 participants

Cross border walks


Most walked months

May 2016 and June 2016 – both 137 walks/month

Busiest walking day

18/10/2015 – 31 walks organised by Andalusia

05/06/2016 – 21 walks organised in 6 countries


The aim for Eurorando 2016 walks were 500 walks and 100,000 participants.

The results looked very different: many more walks, more MOs involved but less number of participants.

You can find more Information about the Eurorando walks    here.


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