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Final week in Skåne




The host for the Final Week was finally found in September 2013 after a bidding round between Association Carpatino Ardeleana a Turistilor in Romania (Brasov) and Svenska Turistföreningen in Sweden (Skåne).

It was decided to invite walkers from all over Europe to experience the beautiful landscape of Skåne (Southern Sweden).
The organisation behind the final week was Svenska Turistföreningen in cooperation with Event in Skåne AB (as project leader), Region Skåne and Helsingborg city.

It is impossible to say precisely how many walkers participated in the final week. The organisers in Skåne registered 3,050 participants (49 groups) from 24 different nations. Some stayed the whole week – but many stayed only for 3-5 days.
A number of smaller and bigger groups organised their own programme and just participated in the opening and closing events – and not all of them were registered. There were many local visitors and walkers from Denmark only came for a day-walk. Some of them were also not registered.

An avarage Eurorando participant in Skåne was female, 57 years old
About 60% of the participants were women
26% of the participants were Swedes, 74% came from abroad

Svenska Turistföreningen, Event in Skåne AB, Region Skåne and Helsingborg city, together with local communities and 400 volunteers prepared 80 different walks, evening activities and bus tours.There were all sorts of walks of different length and various type of landscape. Some with a cultural content – others in pure nature.

The week started on Sat 10/9 with an opening ceremony. The closing ceremony was on Sat 17/9

The region was crowned with sunshine and unusually warm weather. All visitors got a wonderful introduction to walking in Skåne.
It was a good week – well organised The hosts presented their region and traditions in a charming way.

Eurorando is a way to meet other walkers and discover new parts of Europe. Traditions in Europe are different - as a majority of the walkers think they are – but problems are here to be solved (and communication is one of the most important tools).


ERA says a big “Thank you” to Svenska Turistföreningen in cooperation with Event in Skåne AB, Region Skåne and Helsingborg city for a great EURORANDO 2016


EURORANDO 2016 Opening

Swedish walks 1

Swedish walks 2

Swedish walks 3

EURORANDO 2016 Closing

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