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EURORANDO 2021 in Europe

The period of October 2021 until September 2022 is destined to your own walks in your country under the motto FRIENDSHIP as “re-find your friendship” or “re-build your friendship”.

Eurorando 2021-21 is a good way to rebuild your cross-border friendships after the Covid-19 pandemic and before we meet in Sibiu in September 2022.

The ERA aim is to promote E-paths, regional trails or Leading Quality Trails at the same time. Find a nice part of a trail in your surrounding and promote it by walking on it. You can get inspired by our verified E-paths under the “Hiking holidays” or by the Leading Quality Trails.

When you arrange a walk in that period, you are encouraged to upload pictures, small stories and videos on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #eurorando and #friendship. Also, your stories and pictures will be available on this website.
When you do so, others may find your uploaded stories and can enjoy them.

You can also send us an invitation to your event. We will share it. You can give ideas to other interested persons to join you.

You may always search for the two hashtags on Facebook and Instagram to see these stories.



For the ERA member organisations

For the preparation of your walk event:

  • promote a nice part of the E-path in your area for organising the walking event
  • the length of the walk is not limited
  • the dates for walks: between October 2021 – September 2022
  • use the motto FRIENDSHIP as “re-find your friendship or “re-build your friendship”
  • use the logo of ERA
  • inform ERA office about your event to publish it
  • share your event on FB and Instagram, using #eurorando and #friendship
  •  send final pictures, stories, report to the ERA office to show on the ERA website and to prepare the final report “EURORANDO Walks – the best of…”

At the ERA conference in 2022, we will present an overview of all walks in Europe. Don’t miss to be part of it!

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