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Enjoyable long distance walking in the „Experience region Schwäbischer Albtrauf”:
certificated walking trail from Wiesensteig to Bad Ditzenbach-Gosbach in 6 daily stages

Meeting the unique landscape of Albtrauf becomes an unforgettable experience: juniper heaths, orchid meadows and striking cliffs characterize the “Experience region Schwäbischer Albtrauf”. The features of the region are the gentle hills, distinctive panoramic views, delicate gourmet cuisine with regional specialities and a lot of healing springs.
The over 100 km long Albtraufgänger leads through small villages and connects history and art with local traditions.
The route of Albtraufgänger captures all charming aspects
of the region and offers both relaxation and adventure.
The Albtraufgänger was certificated both as “Qualitätsweg – Wanderbares Deutschland” and “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe”.
(Photo: Landkreis Göppingen)

The stages
You can walk the Albtraufgänger in 6 daily stages. It depends on your condition, mood and time if you prefer to walk the complete Albtraufgänger as a circular trail or in its particular parts. The not certified trail Goißatälesweg from Bad Ditzenbach-Gosbach to Wiesensteig can be used as
a connecting trail.

The walking direction can be chosen freely.
It is recommended to get in advance information about opening times of refreshments places and to book the accommodation. The “Experience region Schwäbischer Albtrauf e. V.” will be happy to help you. The start and
end points of the particular stages can be reached both
with your own car and with public transport.

Optimal walking guides are the Albtraufgänger - booklet, the Albtraufgänger - walking map (ISBN: 978-3-9811016-5-2) and the app of the „Experience region Schwäbischer Albtrauf”.

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Erlebnisregion Schwäbischer Albtrauf e.V.
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