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The Gendarme path is an easy coastal walking route along the Danish-German border.

The Gendarme path is one of Denmark’s most beautiful walking routes and follows the scenic landscape along the coast of the Flensborg Fjord. The 74 km path takes you from Padborg on the main land to Høruphav on South Als.

The Gendarme path is the former border guard patrol path between Denmark and Germany. It was in use from 1920 until 1958, when each gendarme
(or border guard) had a specific section of the coastline to patrol. While walking along the water as near they could a small walking path was created.

On the way you will see:
·    historic environment and cultural landscapes
·    industrial heritage
·    unspoiled nature and beautiful views from vantage points along the route
·    a landscape shaped by the glacier that covered the area 10,000 years ago

The route is divided into 4 stages, leading you through forests, bird sanctuaries, small fishing villages and farmland, past historic brickworks, the Summer Residence of the Danish Queen, a late 19th century Artist Colony, the battlefields of the 1864 War at Dybbøl, and fine examples of Danish and German architecture.

A new adventure awaits you around every corner.

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