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Hiking up to the bottom of ocean? What sounds paradox turns into a surprising adventure on the hiking trail of Zeugenbergrunde that surrounds the city of Neumarkt.

You may physically feel the epochal geological processes that formed the landscape around the pleasant city in the northern part of Bavaria. The majestic "Witnesses mountains" (Zeugenberge), seen from afar, are ancient residues of a former ocean, the wide spreading valleys and plains resulted from million-years-long erosion.
Zeugenbergrunde, a hiking trail that awards the seal “Leading Quality Trail – Best of Europe”, scales across all of the "Witnesses mountains", taking you from one surprising viewpoint to the next. Ancient celtic ruins and other legendary secrets hidden in the dense forests are waiting to be explored by you in several hiking tours.

As well, the tours stage-manage the vibrant industrial city of Neumarkt authenticly and excitingly. Especially, where engineering craftmanship emerged in former times, you may find patoral scenery as at the mills in the valley of Schwarzach or the Ludwig-Donau-Main-Kanal.

So come and experience the Zeugenbergrunde – it will give you the chance as well to get to know the cultural highlights of the ancient Palatine City.

Zeugenbergrunde is a 48,3 km long circular trail which is divided in four daily stages.

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