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What is walking?

Hiking/walking is moving on foot in the outdoors.  It is a free-time activity with physical movement of different intensities which supports both mental and physical well-being.  
A typical walk:
•    has a duration of more than one hour,
•    has been planned in advance,
•    uses appropriate resources,  
•    may require suitable equipment.

ERA became a partner in the ERASMUS+ project „Improvement of good governance of climbing and mountaineering in Europe", led by our partner EUMA. The main project objective is to set up and implement principles of good governance in hiking, mountaineering and climbing sports at the European level.



The Foundation supports the objectives of the European Ramblers’ Association. 


Open up Europe’s Natural Environment!
Free access to the open countryside for all citizens is a fundamental aim of the European Ramblers’ Association (ERA). Therefore ERA promotes a Europe wide free and easy access to nature, further investment in the development of marked paths and the integration of walkers’ interests in planning and legal regulations.
Access to nature - ERA resolution 2016


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President's Office:

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Czech Republic


Skype: era.secretariat

Official Seat:
Europäische Wandervereinigung e.V.
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D-34 117 Kassel

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