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Andros Route

The Andros Route is 100km long and has 8-9 daily stages. It has 2 linear parts and 1 circular.

Andros is a special island of the Cyclades with plenty of water reserves, mountainous terrain, a sharp relief and extremely varied scenery. Small forests, fertile valleys, numerous beaches, ravines with continuous water flow, streaming waterfalls and springs are found in almost every slope and valley.

Human presence in Andros has probably been continuous since the 4th millennium B.C.

Numerous settlements were developed in the course of time. Although there has been considerable depopulation, particularly following the Second World War, 84 settlements and hamlets are still inhabited to this day.

A network of paths, stone-paved in many cases, used to provide links b
etween the settlements as well as with religious sites and the island ports.

There exists today an impressive network of hiking paths to explore on Andros, which is estimated to exceed 300km in length. Around 100km have been completely waymarked and sign posted according to the ERA standards.

The weather conditions on Andros can be very heavy and make damages on the trail, especially broken branches of trees and fallen stones from the dry-stone walls can be a problem to remove fast enough.

Most of the daily stages are of medium difficulty level although with some steep parts as Andros has an impressive sharp relief. Very few parts rise shortly to strenuous difficulty levels (north and central part of the island).

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