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Andros Route

The trail of the Andros Route is 100 kilometers long and consists of 10 stages.

Andros Island floats at the northernmost tip of the Cycladic archipelago, in the midst of the Aegean Sea. The landscape of Andros is unique. Lush vegetation stands out in sharp contrast with the characteristic barren landscape of the other Cyclades. Four mountain ranges prevail reaching a peak of 997 meters! Ten small rivers constantly flow forming important wetlands at the coast. Almost half of the island’s surface is a Nature Reserve, hosting rare and endemic species.

The 100km long Andros Route runs from north to south offering a breathtaking variety: shady woods of oaks, evergreen maples and ancient olive trees; green valleys, gorges, and gushing waterfalls; all combined in a terraced landscape plotted by megalithic dry stone walls. The Andros Route overlaps with an ancient irrigation network of stone pipes combined with ruins of watermills, stone bridges and hundreds of threshing floors thatreveal the water tradition and agricultural past of Andros.

But Andros Route is not just beautiful nature.... picturesque smaller & bigger villages, secluded chapels and historic Monasteries clinging on rocks, ruins of ancient cities and temples reveal the uninterrupted human presence on Andros since antiquity. The highlight is the sea...a coastline with sandy and rocky beaches on secluded coves, invites explorers to relax under the sun, to rest their feet and swim in some of the most clear and friendly waters of the Aegean Sea.

Facts and figures
Start: Frousei
End Point: Dipotamata
Distance: 100 km / Stages: 10

The Andros Route, a 100 km route maintained by volunteers offers an enchanting exploration from north to southeast. Another equally well kept 70 km network complements the main route. Signage is in Greek and English. Main harbour is Gavrio corresponding with Rafina Port (Athens) and neighbouring islands. Four small coastal cities and several villages provide all contemporary services for visitors.

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