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The Danube Highland Trail - From the Hillsides of the Swabian Alb to the Danube Valley in 4 stages

The mountainous back country of the Danube (Donaubergland) is one of the most appealing, scenic regions in Baden-Württemberg. Close to its source the Danube with its tributary valleys has been shaping this region for millions of years. Hikers can experience the highest mountains of the Swabian Alb, the deepest valleys, ruins, fortresses and castles, the romantic Danube in all its fascinating variety in this region.

The Donauberglandweg is approximately 60 kilometers long and reveals the beauties of the region in 4 diversified day trips. This first awarded  “quality trail,” goes from the “roof” of the Swabian Alb to its “Grand Canyon” the gorge of the upper Danube.

The highest mountain of the Swabian Alb, the “Lemberg”, elevation of 1015m is the starting point of the hiking trail along the steeply sloping gorges and canyons in the south-western Alb down to the towns Mühlheim and Fridingen all the way to Beuron, the famous monastery and center of the “Naturpark Obere Donau” (“Nature Park Upper Danube”).

Along the way you can count on a sight or a point of interest every 2 to 3 kilometers. Be it a spectacular view all the way to the Alps and the Swiss mountains, lovely churches and chapels, stretches of heather and grassland with junipers or steeply sloping cliffs and rocks, castles, ruins or medieval towns, the Donauberglandweg has it all. Almost half of the distance is done on natural foot paths and romantic trails.

Among more than 100 “quality trails”, this is one of the most beautiful ones in Germany. The German hiking community awarded it second place in 2013. On every one of the four day trips you can experience spectacular new scenery and sights.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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