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Escapardenne/Eisleck Trail

Escape to the Ardennes - average mountain range 
Why of course! An "escapade in the Ardennes"… ! A Trail in  the Eisleck…!

Set out on a bold course to get away from the daily round, escape from it all and dream about wide open spaces to be discovered on foot.

On both sides of the Belgo-Luxembourg border, in the midst of the central Ardennes, of the Oesling, you will discover 104 km of trails leading you from small discrete discoveries – an ancient cross, dry stone walls, streams… – to vast views!

Gossamer mists, peaceful dairy pastures, the fleeting appearance of a deer, a freshly mown meadow filling the air with a pleasant fragrance – a wealth of impressions and images so that the memory of your "escapade in the Ardennes" will stay with you!

So what are we waiting for? Let's set off straightaway to discover the Escapardenne…!

Some statistics of the Trail:

-  > 50 % natural trails 
-  < 20 % sealed surfaces  
-   29 attractive natural highlights 
-   44 impressive panoramas  
-     3 cities and 19 villages

The Trail can be discovered in 5 or 6 stages:

Stage 1  
The route starts at Kautenbach, a must-visit site of hiking paths, leading to the other part of the Oesling. The interest here is heading towards the "Kiischpelt" entity, in the centre of the steep-sided valleys, taking the hiker towards the charming village of Munshausen and following Woltz valley towards Clervaux.

Stage 2  
The path follows the river then rises on the hillside to reach Troisvierges. It circumvents the small town and continues westwards, following the charming "Tretterbaach"-valley to complete the stage at Asselborn mill.

Stage 3   
Next the trail wanders between Hoffelt and Buret, passing from the Rhine river basin to the river Meuse, crossing regions that all have a fascinating history, recounting William of Orange's dream. At the outskirts of Tavigny it follows the historical site of the Bernistap canal project, to continue as far as Houffalize.

Stage 4   
Deep valleys, wild and mysterious rivers, a small ridge path between two valleys, the forest is everywhere as far as the magnificent steep slopes near the confluence. The trail enjoys the natural silence, with the wind rustling the leaves and the sound of water. A few more twists and turns before rising to the plateau to return to Nadrin. 

Stage 5  
The final stage takes us along the forest paths in search of history, at the Cheslé Celtic site. A climb onto a plateau, a few splendid views, including the one of Crestelles… just a few more metres to walk until Borzée, trail the side of the hill, follow Deister cornice and discover just below the very beautiful Roche-en-Ardenne.


A "Travel-without-luggage"-System is organized by 2 Travel Partners: EuropAventure and TrekAventure.

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Escarpardenne Eisleck Trail is maintained by two partners: Parc Naturel des deux Ourthes & natur&ëmwelt and backed by the local tourist federations, Office Régional du Tourisme des Ardennes Luxembourgeoises and Fédération Touristique du Luxembourg Belge