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Mullerthal Trail

Mullerthal Trail – Fascination Rocks

Hiking through rock crevices of the Luxembourg sandstone, through forests, light-filled valleys and along small streams - all these options are offered by the fantastic world along the Mullerthal Trail. Extraordinary natural phenomena such as the luminous moss reflect the power of nature. Faces and figures emerge from the rocks. Those who know the legends and myths of the region are sure to see fairies flit through the forest here and there.
On its 112 km, the Mullerthal Trail leads through the varied landscapes of the Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland.
On the three main trail routes, hikers can enjoy regional peculiarities as bizarre rocks, mossy forests and quaint stream valleys but also open pastures. Again and again the Mullerthal Trail leads to beautiful viewpoints and cultural sites.
The three routes of the Mullerthal Trail each have their own character.
Route 1 provides the change of landscapes typical for the region: rocks, woods and meadows. Route 2 leads through the heart of Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland and brings hikers to spectacular rock formations. Route 3 is characterized not only by the rocks but above all by enchanting stream valleys and romantic castles.
According to time and condition, the hiker may undertake unidirectional or circular tours, from the many different starting points of the Mullerthal Trail.
Four ExtraTours complete the offer.

Stage proposals

It is possible to hike the Mullerthal Trail in several stages. You can plan your stages individually. There are different options according to your personal wishes, your time, and of course your accommodation. Likewise, the direction can be freely chosen. Basically, you should inform in advance about the opening times of rest stops and book your accommodation. Due to the good bus service in the region, you may also explore the Mullerthal Trail from a fixed location.
In addition to these stage proposals, you may also make your own stages of the Mullerthal Trail.
The following localities can be chosen as a stage location offering accommodation right on the Mullerthal Trail: Beaufort, Berdorf, Heffingen-Soup and Scheidgen.


Hosts – Hikers welcome

As a traveling guest, we want you to feel comfortable in the region. Along the Mullerthal Trail, there are numerous hosts who have adapted to the special needs of hikers. Look for addresses at
Please inform yourself in advance about the opening times.
During the week, some restaurants may open at night only. In places where there are only one or two smaller accommodation establishments, we also recommend to book in advance.


Bus services in the region

The region is well served by several bus lines that can be combined well with your walking tours. The bus lines are connected to the three routes of the Mullerthal Trail. Information about the starting points and end stations of the respective bus lines can be seen in our folder “Mullerthal Trail goes Mobility”.

Detailed timetable information is also available on or in the various tourist information offices.


For more information and updates visit:


Regional Tourist Office Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland

BP 152 L-6402 Echternach
Tel +352 72 04 57
Fax +352 72 75 24