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Rota Vicentina

The Route

Rota Vicentina is a network of walking trails in Sw Portugal, totalling 400 km to walk, along the most beautiful and best preserved coastline of Southern Europe. Comprising the Historical Way, the Fishermen's Trail and several Circular Routes, proposes a unique experience of two worlds, between a living and authentic rural culture and a surprisingly wild coastline – fully within Sw Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Natural Park.

The route is fully marked in both directions, and can be travelled independently and in total security, preferably from September till June. The sections in which is divided are mere suggestions and can be shortened or extended according the preferences, or the location of the hiker’s accommodation.

In February 2016, the Historical Way of the Rota Vicentina has been certified by the European wide label "Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe", joining the exclusive group of the best walking destinations in Europe.

Historical Way 

It runs through the main towns and villages in a rural itinerary with several centuries of history. Comprised mainly of rural trails, this is a classic Grand Route (GR), fully accessible to hikers and mountain bikers, with stretches of cork tree forests, mountain ranges, valleys, rivers and creeks, in a true journey through time, local culture and nature trails. It comprises a total of 12 sections and 230 km, from Santiago do Cacém till Cape St. Vincent.

To start to plan your adventure, explore our Help Guide, where we list the main sources of information that you have on the website, including information on how to get to the region and move around, available accommodation along the trail, transportation to assist you on luggage transport and how to get maps and guide books, that will be your best friends while in the trail.

Book online with us and make the difference

If you are coming to Sw Portugal, book directly through Rota Vicentina website, you’ll be prefering the partner companies of the project, the ones that invest, know and preserve Rota Vicentina! At the time of booking, your choice will make the difference, and you’ll be guaranteeing your contribution to the Rota Vicentina.

The Project

Conceived as a public structure, the Rota Vicentina intends to establish itself as a defining characteristic of the region, becoming viable via the most natural of human practices – walking – and contributing unequivocally towards to the sustainability of rural areas through the promotion of economic activity, stimulation of existing activities and services, maintenance and enhancement of local culture and traditions, encouraging new business creation and promoting the destination out of season.

The beauty of the landscape, the natural, historical and cultural heritage, tourist resources and the public nature of the paths, were the main criteria followed in the choice of the planned route, comprising of existing paths.

Besides the implementation of the path, the project also foresees its integration into the region’s tourist offer and local community and its exposure at national and international level.

The Association

Rota Vicentina - Association for the Promotion of Nature Tourism in the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast - is the non-profit association, officially founded on 05th June 2013, to manage, maintain, integrate, empower and promote the “touristic product” that Rota Vicentina represents.

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