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Veldenz Wanderweg

The Lichtenberg Castle, ancestral seat of the counts of Veldenz high above the village Thallichtenberg marks the beginning of the hiking trail through the heights of the Palatinate hill-country to the little city of Lauterecken. The certified trail displays long periods of hiking in a natural silence that is hard to find nowadays.
It’s almost 60km to hike between the Lichtenberg Castle and the Veldenz-residence Lauterecken, hikers should take their time to enjoy the trail.
Recommended are five day-trips for almost a week hiking-adventure – the Veldenz trail leads through many different types of landscape. It’s sometimes like stepping back in time: narrow paths especially in the nature reserve “Mittagsfels” climb up in an almost alpine scenery with rare flowers and an incredible sight – and you’ll hear nothing but your foot steps and the birds singing. History and culture of the Palatinate hill country arise from the past in the sights of the Lichtenberg Castle, the water-castle of Reipoltskirchen with the path of sculptures and the Veldenz castle in Lauterecken.
Length: 59,7km
Height: 2.600m up, 2.800m down

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