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There are more than 11 000 km of marked footpaths in Finland.

Finland is very sparsely populated. You can rapidly access uninhabited wilderness, even when choosing marked trails. Experience in the usage of compass and maps is essential. Overnight accomodation possibilities exist,  but  you often have to carry provisions with you and do your own cooking.

Published information is mainly in Finnish. Some information is published in Swedish, English, French  and German. Maps exist at scales of 1:200 000, 1:50 000 and 1:100 000 for those areas of most interest to walkers.

Suomen Latu ry from Finland decided to leave ERA. There is no another MO to take care of E-paths in Finland.
It is clearly announced, that ERA doesn't take the responsibility for E6 and E10 in Finland any more, because of no ERA MO in this country.


Suomen Latu ry (Central Association for Fitness and Recreational Sports)
Radiokatu 20
FIN-00240 Helsinki
T: +358 44 722 6300