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E-paths marking

In almost every country in Europe there is an E-path, normally marked with local (national) way-marks. It is not the aim to change all the local way-marks into European way-marks. Please, use the European way-marks supplementary, for instance 1 way-mark every 2 km, way-marks on important crossings and way-marks on special places, like at the start or end.

Guidelines for E-path marking, signing and information boards

If special signs are made with listing an E-path please do not remove this signs and leave them.
If there is a ‘local’ way-mark only for the E-path please replace these marks with the European ones.

Number of colour blue: PANTONE REFLEX BLUE, colour RGB: 0/51/153 (hexadecimal 003399)
Number of colour yellow: PANTONE YELLOW, colour RGB: 255/204/0 (hexadecimal FFCCOO)
Size: about 7 x 9 cm.
Signs images (*.jpg):

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