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Over the course of the past 100 years footpaths have become an indispensable part of walking in Europe. They contribute to the conservation of nature in an important way to the understanding of nature in general and the knowledge of places of historical interest in particular regions and our joint European history in the widest possible context.

Waymarking, which began in some regions close to 140 years ago, is mostly carried out by walking clubs, who use volunteer workers for this purpose.

The existing system of waymarking has been developed in such a way that all paths correspond to the basic requirements or principles for marked footpaths.

The diversity of forms of marking in individual regions is not an obstacle to the movement of walkers along marked paths.

In general, Europe is split into four regions, which use different waymarking systems.

ERA presents a structured overview of waymarking systems in the majority of European countries. To help you with the orientation in the text, please see „Marking system – description" on page No 5 for the list of points they might be useful for your search.

We are very happy for any improvement or ideas you have to our overview of waymarking. We regularily update our site, therefore you are very welcome to send to the ERA office your notices. Please write to:

We hope to help you a little bit on the way across Europe. Enjoy your walking.


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