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Walking on E12 in SLO


Category: Walking News, Front News

25 January 2020

On Saturday, 25 January 2020, the European Footpaths Commission in Slovenia organized a hike on the European footpath E-12 in cooperation with Lisca Sevnica Alpine Society, Radlje ob Dravi Alpine Society, Post and Telekom Ljubljana Alpine Society, PD Grosuplje and the Toni Tourism and mountaineering agency from Croatia. We started our hike at 10am in Kaštelir and walked along the Parenzana railway line and E-12, Kaštelir - Poreč 17 km / a light 5-hour walk. It was attended by more than 200 hikers and travelers, who arrived by 5 buses. The motto of the march, same as 50 years ago at the founding of the European footpaths, was: "Let's open the borders, let us walk on foot, because only this way we will get to know each other best and learn to respect and appreciate our fellow man!" This idea was present throughout the day.

The E-12 Mediterranean footpath runs from Spain via Italy, Slovenia to Croatia and further through Montenegro to Greece and the Mediterranean. The Slovenian section of the E-12 path was opened in 2016, and Croatian is marked from the Slovenian border to Poreč in Croatia. This part of the E-12 route we passed in 3 stages, which mainly goes along the former Parenzana railway line where the train to Poreč was driving until 1936. We walked through a nearly flat part of central Istria, admiring Istrian oaks, vineyards and olive trees, typical Istrian houses with a compulsory church, as well as abandoned meadows overgrown with spines. A sharp eye could notice an abundance of asparagus that will grow in about two months. Then the path slowly descends towards the sea to Poreč itself, where the E-12 mark is finished. The walking trail, which is also the cycling route is a gravel road. We walked with Croatian mountaineers with the help of local guides. We celebrated our journey at the Freedom Square in Poreč, where we were greeted by the Vice Mayor of Poreč, Nadia Štifanić Dobrilović, Vladimir Rojnić, the representative of the Croatian Mountain Association and the President of the Istrian Mountaineering Association (IPS) Goran Šepić. We made a promise to meet each other again and that Europe's footpaths should continue to connect us in peace and love. .

We are forecasting a meeting of European travelers in Slovenia on April 24th-25th 2020 in Žužemberk.











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